About 300 portions of tasty meal every day – that is OKIN Facility Catering department

As of last year OKIN FACILITY started providing catering services with the help of internal resources.
Miroslav Dimitrov

The initial impuls came from the country director. At that time OKIN Bulgaria provided this kind of services with the help of a supplier. However, a lot of problems appeared like low quality, bad menu, insufficient number of meals etc. For this reason the company director decided to relay on own people and started providing the services.

OKIN took over the provision of daily food meals for two manufacturing plants on the territory of Bulgaria and is offering this service to other existing clients. The bulgarian team hopes to be successfull because at this moment they do everything possible to satisfy clients needs. It is a challenging move because of the complexity of this service and on top of this, it is pretty demanding to prepare meals that would satisfy the taste of so many different people. For the menu is responsible a catering manager who prepares the menu that is being shared with the client for final approval.

We asked the catering division leader Miroslav Dimitrov to tell us more about his services, how many people participate in food preparation and what special dishes do they offer to our clients:

“Catering division is quite new and have seventeen professionals. For example, two people prepare breakfast which is around 150 pieces of traditional Bulgarian bakeries. Three people make soups and main courses – around 250 – 300 portions of grill, fried and oven dishes with meat (pork, chicken, veal and mincemeat). We prepare vegetarian dishes also of course. If I should stress one special dish, it is definitely pork with garlic, carrot, celery and apple with a delicious gravy and mashed potatoes. One of the cooks prepare the desert. Most popular of them is Homemade biscuit cake and Homemade peach cake. From next week on we are going to present new healthy desert Chia pudding - sugar and gluten free with no milk.

And if you ask me about our special ingredient – “We do our job with love and passion”. My philosophy is: The clients should feel like home with a warm, tasty food and smile. That is the reason to prepare fresh and warm food with recipes from the region.

In the end if I should sum-up the goal of my division, it is to satisfy more and more people with our job. Recently a client wrote in the book - “Excellent food, excellent service”.

Message like this motivate us to work even harder.